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Cymralle lala

Un live journal qui parle peu

8 January 1984
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Ok, well, I'm a woman who enjoy doing a lot of different things, who is very disappointed by the fact she can't study every interesting subjet that exists, and by the fact that she couldn't make artistic studies. But I hope i will at least do a job that i love and that is bound to the things I like. I've worked with the Cheapmovies team (acting, costumes etc.):
http://overzaz.free.fr/ and I've got my own very little movies production team : http://weirdfaeriemovies.free.fr (no time for real good stories, these are more like sketchs with firends, I also put some videos on youtube with my other pseudo : armorfay)
I also have an internet site for teaching how to make costumes very easily (but obviously not in a very conventional way) : http://membres.lycos.fr/easyfaeriecostumes
I also teach the celtic harp : http://moriceonreel.free.fr (a lot of mistakes, I should kick my programmer's bottom :) ) and i've played a bit on the Naheulband's cd.
I've created a reenacting band for the end of the 18th century and early 19th century :
I know that my real passion is for the Middle-Age but there are so many reenacting bands that already exist that I wanted to create something that isn't well known in France (and that I liked too, of course).

Hum.. well, for now I have not much time left, I try to find a job, to make some new costumes, to write novels, comics, eat pizza, do archery aso... and when I can, i try to walk in the country and take some photos, play with the waves on the sea, drawn etc. And still, always, I dream about fantasy worlds and characters that live in my imagination and are just waiting to get live into a costume or a book project.